Born of the creative mind of designer Davide Oppizzi, Mozaik Collection has won the IDEAT DESIGN AWARDS 2021 for the BEST LIGHTING category. An important recognition for an architectural and modulable collection designed to structure the space: at the same time lamp and space separator according to the chosen version. 

The inspiration for Mozaik Collection comes from the concept of mosaics and its geometric shapes. It was also about creating a luminous surface, falling like a rain of meteorites, cutting the space and not just bringing a luminous point.
In compliance with the DNA of Designheure, this collection resumes the infinite possibilities of finishes that offer fabrics and textile cord to order it in a graphic and customizable lighting panel, sculpturing the space. 

Within the product line, the collection is declined in several sizes and models: hanging, panels, chandeliers. 

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Client ∙ Designheure
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Year ∙ 2017