DCUBE, official partner of Coelux, is proud to present the new Coelux ST collection. 
The compact form of the CoeLux® ST, enables this incredible unique light to be integrated with greater ease in to many more types of interior environments across the office, commercial, retail, hospitality, healthcare, residential and healthcare sectors.


Light & Building
Messe Frankfurt
Frankfurt, Germany
18-23th of march, 2018
Hall 3.1, Booth A76




CoeLux® recreates the effect of the warm and direct sunlight that lights objects up, along with the blue scattered light of the sky that tinges shadows blue reproducing typical outdoor lights, shapes and volumes inside, delivering joy and positivity. The system works thanks to the combination of three main elements: a cutting-edge LED technology that reproduces the sunlight’s spectrum, direction and brightness, optical systems that reproduce the endless distance of the sky and the sun and millimetre-thick nano-structured materials that create the Rayleigh scattering process which produces the light and the colour of the sky in the atmosphere.


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Year ∙ 2018