Light for Healthcare

How we work the Light in your projects

Light In Healthcare

Human Centric Lighting *

Human Centric Lighting (HCL) expresses the positive effect of light and illumination on health, the well-being and motivation of people and has both short- and long-term benefits.

Light has a triple effect:

1. Lighting for visual functions

Conforming lighting to the standards of the working area and life spaces will make them comfortable and glare-free.

2. Lighting with a biological effect

Supports the circadian rhythms, and can stimulate or relax.

 3. Lighting for emotional perception

Lighting that emphasises architecture, creates atmospheres, and is an element of design.

* Ref. Zumtobel.

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Choose from among the Pack A to R the best combination for your project or contact us for a detailled presentation.

PACK A : Initial specifications

PACK B : Fixtures selection

PACK C : Light effects moodboard

PACK D : Moodboard + CAD

PACK E : Measurements

PACK F : 2D-3D light calculation

PACK G : XL 2D-3D light simulation

PACK H : XS 2D-3D light simulation

PACK I : XL lighting implementation

PACK J : XS lighting implementation

PACK K : Accurate measurement

PACK L : Managing space

PACK M : Electrical connection

PACK N : Electronic devices

PACK O : Control groups

PACK P : Automation

PACK Q : Product datasheet 

PACK R : Power consumption