A scenario in three acts

The creative act by DCUBE for the client's benefit


At DCUBE, the creative act proceeds from a unique and futurist consideration, an exclusive and totally visionary savoir-faire. Each project begins with freehand research drawings. These drawings reveal the beginnings of the subject’s theme, its forms, ergonomics, requirements, productivity and the emotional feeling for its volumes. The constraint is an excellent stimulator of creativity that pushes the creator to constantly surpass himself.

Once the broad lines have been decided and the character established, a 3D modelling tool visualises the interaction between the shapes and volumes of the project, design or architecture. High precision modelling that gives way to the addition of textures and lights to enable photo-realistic images to provide the client with the best possible perception of the order’s reality.

In the final stage, the creator DCUBE produces detailed working drawings, using aesthetic and technical dimensioning which will then be submitted to the manufacturer for the production phase.