The portable battery lamp

Curiosity is a portable lamp inside which any object can be illuminated. A light structure highlights what is exposed inside the frame. It is available in two sizes to better accommodate different objects. A small spot on the top illuminates everything that is placed on the base of the structure. Combined with the white glass sphere with amber light, Curiosity recreates a warmer, more intimate atmosphere. Thanks to the high autonomy (up to 26 hours) Curiosity allows to reinvent everyday lighting contexts.

Designed by Davide Oppizzi
Official website ARTEMIDE


Art. no 0176010A

Curiosity 45 - black

 LED 3000°K, 2.5W, 214 lm, CRI=90, IP20
Optic wide beam
Colour black/brown (white finish on request)
Dimmer typology push button dimmer
Material aluminium 
Total battery charging time 3h
Battery life 3 steps: 8h, 11h, 26h

PRICE CHF TTC 7.7% VAT incl. 455.-
EXPEDITION (Switzerland only)
TOTAL PAYABLE for 1x item
Expected Delivery : 2 working days
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